14.10. 6pm Kickoff Meeting Pieschen Neighborhood Work

Kickoff Meeting | 14.10.2023 | 6pm | Internationalist Center Dresde, Riesaer Straße 32

Dear friends and neighbours,

We are a loose group of people who want to get involved and organise in the Pieschen district.
So far we have been in a phase of getting to know each other and had an intensive reading circle, where we have read the book „Revolutionäre Stadtteilarbeit“ (revolutionary neighborhood work). Now we want to invite you to discuss our ideas with you and to participate in the further group-finding phase.

At 14.11.2023 we invite you to our kickoff meeting at the IZ in Zentralwerk, Pieschen. At 6pm there will be KüFa (dinner for a soli price). From 7 pm we will start our info-input about the book and afterwards there will be a discussion.

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For life…instead of G7! The BUKO Caravan comes to Dresden!

Save the Date – 12.6.2022 Dresden!

The G7 Summit will take place again in 2022 in Elmau, Bavaria, and just like 7 years ago, BUKO will participate in the organization of a G7 Mobi Tour through Germany (7 years ago Dresden was already part of the Mobi Tour). During this tour, activists* from the Global South themselves will report about their struggles – struggles that are (almost) always directed against multinational corporations or neocolonial policies of bad governments.

The topics should not only be about the headwinds these activists feel every day. We want them to talk about the many alternatives they are developing. And we want to think together about how we can overcome this destructive system that the Global North is to blame for and dream, visualize, imagine and then put into practice together a more just world. Therefore, we need to cultivate our listening and learning skills.

On 12.6.2022 the Caravan will make a stop in Dresden!

Finally our program is fixed. We are looking forward to a day full of global and local exchange and networking. There will be delicious food, drinks, music and exciting topics! Here now is all the information for the day:

Date: 12.6.2022 14 – 22 o’clock

Location: Wurzelwerk/ Alte Gärtnerei, Heidestrasse across from 21, Dresden Pieschen.

14:00 Lecture and networking: resistance against megaprojects in Mexico – for territorial self-determination.
Speaker: Bettina Cruz, human rights and environmental activist from Mexico

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Demonstration in solidarity with the people in Ukraine and on the run

demonstration | 04.03. | 4pm | Jorge-Gomondai-Platz

War has been raging in Ukraine since last Thursday. There is new information every hour, almost every minute, but the situation remains unclear. Many people are currently trying to escape the war. Many people in Ukraine, who have actively resisted Russia’s increasing influence in recent years and who would face persecution in the event of annexation, are also fleeing. Self-organized aid structures are emerging, donation campaigns, volunteers are driving to borders to help people flee Ukraine. Continue reading “Demonstration in solidarity with the people in Ukraine and on the run”

13.11. Anti-prison demonstration – For a society without prisons

contribution from Basisgruppe Internationalismus | part of Internationalist Center Dresden

Prisons are not a solution to social problems. Prisons are a means of enforcing domination and exploitation. They ensure that whoever is down stays down. We reject them and do not call for their social reform.

We will demonstrate on 13.11.2021 in Dresden for the abolition of all prisons! Meeting points: 3 pm at the deportation prison Hamburgerstraße, 5 pm at the Dresden Hammerweg Prison. Continue reading “13.11. Anti-prison demonstration – For a society without prisons”

28 years of PKK ban in Germany – Call for a nationwide demonstration and week of action in November

contribution from Basisgruppe Internationalismus | part of IZ

demonstration | 27.11.2021 | Berlin

Lift the ban of PKK!

End the war – promote a political solution!

In November, 28 years will have passed since the German government of this time imposed the ban on the activities of the “Kurdistan Workers‘ Party” (PKK). Since then, German policy has not only continued this ban, but has constantly tightened it. Currently, 11 Kurdish activists are being held as political prisoners in German custody. In general, from 2016 to 2020, there were a total of 786 preliminary proceedings for membership of the PKK and support of the movement.

The dimension of the political, cultural, but also physical and psychological consequences of this repression against Kurds, which has been going on for decades, is unprecedented and now affects several generations, who know no other reality without persecution. This period is marked by: Thousands of court cases, hundreds of arrests, countless raids on associations and private residences, refusals of naturalisation, threats of deportation, revocation of asylum status, instrumentalisation of Kurds as key witnesses in so-called terror trials. Continue reading “28 years of PKK ban in Germany – Call for a nationwide demonstration and week of action in November”

Call 18.07.2021 – Day of the Revolution! Demo in Dresden

Demonstration | 18 July | 1 PM Altmarkt | Revolutionary Festival of Possibilities| 3 PM Alaunplatz

Call to demonstration on the day of the revolution in Rojava: United in the struggle for liberation – defend the revolution and disarm the FRD!

At the anniversary of the social revolution in the Democratic Federation of North-East Syria/Rojava, we call everyone to take to the streets together! On 18.07.2021 we will demonstrate united in the struggle for liberation, in defense of the democratic, feminist and ecological revolution in the Middle East and worldwide! We protest against the war of the fascist Turkish government, of Erdoğan and its support by the government of the Federal Republic of Germany. This threatens not only Rojava. The south of Kurdistan is also being attacked by Erdoğan and his German supporters. These attacks are not only directed against our Kurdish friends, but against the idea of a better world and thus ultimately against all of us. Let us therefore show our global solidarity with all liberation movements and struggles for the good life for all! Continue reading “Call 18.07.2021 – Day of the Revolution! Demo in Dresden”

Program Internationalism Festival°2

Finally the time has come! Here you can find most of the program of the second Internationalism Festival! It will be updated and completed in the next weeks! To give you an idea of what you can look forward to, here are already the fixed events!

Some things we want to say in advance:

First, we are very sorry that we have to hold the festival online. You can find the exact details here. Due to the uncertain Corona situation we had to make this decision during the planning process. Even though it might be possible to meet again with restrictions at the beginning of June and the weather is tempting us outside, we hope for your numerous participation! Get together, watch the events together (if this should be possible again), take the computer out into the countryside…there are many ways to make online formats more enjoyable for you!

Because of the online format, many networking and sharing opportunities are eliminated. We have decided to include many lectures and workshops in the program and to move pure networking and sharing formats to the summer. We hope for your participation and ideas on how we can make this happen together!

We have a very colorful program, yet many perspectives are missing. So we are looking forward to your ideas and future plans, understand the festival as an invitation and call to think further and to network. Continue reading “Program Internationalism Festival°2”

Public Viewing Internationalism Festival°2 in AZ Conni

On Friday, 4.6. you can watch the Internationalismus Festival°2 together via stream at the AZ Conni (Rudolf-Leonhard-Straße 39, 01097 Dresden) from 16 o’clock! So come by and watch the program together!

What you need to know to visit the AZ Conni you can find out here.

Furthermore we want to point out the Freifunk Dresden. If you don’t feel like sitting inside in front of the computer in this good weather, you can find here on the map, where there is free internet in Dresden! Go out together, use the Freifunk and see you at the Internationalism Festival°2!