Events about the delegation trip to Greece

Dresden Internationalist Center’s Events

IMG_2396.cleaned-e1452476503787-1000x288There is again lots of talk about Greece: As an EU external border Greece confronts fleeing people in a direct way with the “fortress Europe”. The country is a neoliberal experimental laboratory for European and German saving doctrine that deprives many people’s social and financial security. When we want to develop shared strategies against bulkheading and authoritarian austerity policy, we have to try to understand the surroundings of political work in Greece.

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Delegation trip to Greece [criticism and self-criticism of the Orfanotrofio]

On the 5th of January we took part in a discussion meeting at the Orfanotrofio. There, different projects and initiatives for and with refugees introduced themselves. Persons from Lesbos, Athens and of course from Thessaloniki were part of podium, who gave a short input about the local situation and the current status of the structures of solidarity. We skip the information about the Notara in Athens and about Lesbos at this point, because we are going to report on this soon. Instead we want to focus on solidary and self-criticism of the Orfanotrofio (see also article 3). Not just during the podium discussion, but also in individual talks, additionally to general solidarity, the Orfanotrofio was criticized repeatedly. We didn’t hear an absolute rejection of the attempt to get organized with refugees and to support them.

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Delegation trip to Greece [part 4]

Short report about the situation in Macedonia
On the 30th of december we met a person from the group “Open Border” to talk about their work and the situation of the people who are fleeing in Macedonia. The “Open Border” group is part of loose network of individuals and structures, who provide refugees in Macedonia with clothes, food and medical health care. Unfortunately we didn’t got enough time to talk about everything in detail, therefore we will publish another report with more detailed information and interviews during the next week. We want to emphasise that the report is based on the statements from one person. This person is involved in an network that is active on the Balcan route for a long time and also published the call for help from Macedonia, so we assume that we can trust these information. Therefor we want to give a first short report.

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