Delegation trip to Greece [part 1]

Today a group of four persons of the “Internationalist Center” Dresden are on the way to Greece. In cooperation with the Dresden-Balkan-Konvoi we like to collect information about current situation of refugees in Greece and self-organized solidary groups and projects.

For us it is important that solidarity gets a political framework because reasons to flee are from political and economic nature. Just charity work won’t solve the problems caused by global relations based on exploitation and the restrictive border policies of Europe. Neo-colonianism in it’s diverse forms e.g.: land grabbing, piracy of biological resources and raw-materials, weapon exports and free trade agreements or warship under the covered as interventions to protect the human rights, the support of dictators and authoritorian regimes and the militarization of the European outline borders.

Capitalism is a strategy to dived and oppress humans. It is an ideology of inequality and a fundamental reason for flight. Therefor the right for the freedom of movement for everybody has to be fought in a political way. It opposes / stands against the selection of refugees into “true” and “false” or “useful” and “useless”. If we support the state run selection process and the border regime by blind cooking-actions or other blind activism, we will find our selfs again on an one way road.

Based on the standpoint of “politcal solidarity” with refugees, it’s from great importance for us to find out how far there are existing structures of refugee-self-organization and common discussions, standpoints and projects of refugees and the antiauthoritarian space¹. We are aware that all of this happens in the backdrop of the so called crisis and the Germanic-European austerity measurements.

Interviews with people in place and reports about political solidarity structure should help to understand the current situation. Further on we will establish contacts to ensure a durable exchange with projects, initiatives and groups. After our return we would like to share the impressions and collected information. With lectures and discussions we want to analyse how a translation to the local situation in Dresden could be done and what we could learn from Greek structures.

For instance:

One link we see in the demand for a “Social Center for all” like in Berlin or Leipzig. At the beginning of January there will be an event with guest from the campaign for a “social center for all” from Leipzig. It would be nice to have an exermination with this concepts in Dresden as well.

Furthermore there will be a European wide action day of right wing populist on 6th of February. It would be a chance to organize a common protest with refugees. We could raise our voices go out on the streets together and speak out the fundamental criticism on the euopean border regime and the racist consent. The open racism on the streets of Europe and the racist policies are walking side by side. PEGIDA and Frontex are two sides of the same medal. Slogans like “Refugees welcome” at anti-PEGIDA-demonstartions sound good but not wide-reaching enough. We have to ask ourselfs in which world we wanna live together and how to achieve a live in dignity for all. Capitalism and all day racism not open a chance for this.

Along these lines:
Solidarity has to become political!
Global freedom of movement for all!
Overcome Capitalism!

The delegation of the “Internationalist Center” in Dresden.

We will be at the following places:

Chios island
Lesvos island

We would like to ask you to spread the information shown at this homepage in the upcoming days. As well we hope to reach refugees and their relatives.

On December 28th there will be a next car going to Thessaloniki. If you interested and willing to support our work contact us via Mail and we will provide a direct contact. For now there are two seats left.

As well we call to support the Dresden-Balkan-Konvoi. If you could imagine to drive an transport of relief supplies or to help practically in place should get in contact with the Konvoi directly.

The “antiauthoritorian Space” self designation for the outer parliamentary oppositon in greece. It’s organized horizontal that means to refuse party policies and being organized with less hierarchies as possible. It contains as well individuals as different more or less fixed groups that are guided by anarchist and libertarian-communist ideas.