Delegation trip to Greece [part 4]

Short report about the situation in Macedonia
On the 30th of december we met a person from the group “Open Border” to talk about their work and the situation of the people who are fleeing in Macedonia. The “Open Border” group is part of loose network of individuals and structures, who provide refugees in Macedonia with clothes, food and medical health care. Unfortunately we didn’t got enough time to talk about everything in detail, therefore we will publish another report with more detailed information and interviews during the next week. We want to emphasise that the report is based on the statements from one person. This person is involved in an network that is active on the Balcan route for a long time and also published the call for help from Macedonia, so we assume that we can trust these information. Therefor we want to give a first short report.

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Call for Help for Macedonia

Current situation / Our experiences in Macedonia (by Open Borders Crew):

As the Greek/Macedonian border at Idomeni was closed several weeks ago for all refugees that are not from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, many refugees from other countries got stuck in Greece. They are now forced to cross the border illegally in the mountains and in the forests and walk through Macedonia for 5-7 days to Serbia by feet and from there continue to Europe.

Support illegalized refugees – REALLY IMPORTANT!

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