For life…instead of G7! The BUKO Caravan comes to Dresden!

Save the Date – 12.6.2022 Dresden!

The G7 Summit will take place again in 2022 in Elmau, Bavaria, and just like 7 years ago, BUKO will participate in the organization of a G7 Mobi Tour through Germany (7 years ago Dresden was already part of the Mobi Tour). During this tour, activists* from the Global South themselves will report about their struggles – struggles that are (almost) always directed against multinational corporations or neocolonial policies of bad governments.

The topics should not only be about the headwinds these activists feel every day. We want them to talk about the many alternatives they are developing. And we want to think together about how we can overcome this destructive system that the Global North is to blame for and dream, visualize, imagine and then put into practice together a more just world. Therefore, we need to cultivate our listening and learning skills.

On 12.6.2022 the Caravan will make a stop in Dresden!

Finally our program is fixed. We are looking forward to a day full of global and local exchange and networking. There will be delicious food, drinks, music and exciting topics! Here now is all the information for the day:

Date: 12.6.2022 14 – 22 o’clock

Location: Wurzelwerk/ Alte Gärtnerei, Heidestrasse across from 21, Dresden Pieschen.

14:00 Lecture and networking: resistance against megaprojects in Mexico – for territorial self-determination.
Speaker: Bettina Cruz, human rights and environmental activist from Mexico

Language: Spanish, with German translation

Bettina Cruz is a human rights and environmental activist in Mexico. Her talk will be dedicated to different capitalist mega – projects related to militarization, border demarcation and reorganization of the territory with Transsismico, the Mayan Train or the PIM. Transsismico is an infrastructure mega-project at the Istmus of Tehuantepec, besides the expansion of a wind farm, a freight train and ports will be built there. Among other things, this will create a kind of border within the country in order to stop migration from Central America. PIM (Proyecto Intergral Morelos) is also an infrastructure megaproject, flagship of which is the Termoeléctrica Morelos – against which Samir Flores fought. In her lecture, Bettina Cruz shows the violence that all these projects inflict on the female body, remembers the murdered defenders of the territory and denounces the G7 states. Afterwards there will be space and time for exchange and networking.


18:00 Lecture and Networking: Fight against Fracking in the Kavango Region – for Climate Justice in Namibia 
Speaker: Ina-Maria Shikongo, climate justice activist from Namibia
Language: German – English and Spanish translation possible

Ina- Maria Shikongo will speak about fossil fuel extraction and the importance of phasing out this form of energy, as well as neocolonialism in general. She pays special attention to fracking in the Kavango Region, a large transboundary nature reserve in northeastern Nambia. She will also talk about the IPCC Report and Tyndall Report in light of her issues. There will be space and time for sharing and networking afterwards.



There will be food and drinks. We are trying to organize childcare.