Call 18.07.2021 – Day of the Revolution! Demo in Dresden

Demonstration | 18 July | 1 PM Altmarkt | Revolutionary Festival of Possibilities| 3 PM Alaunplatz

Call to demonstration on the day of the revolution in Rojava: United in the struggle for liberation – defend the revolution and disarm the FRD!

At the anniversary of the social revolution in the Democratic Federation of North-East Syria/Rojava, we call everyone to take to the streets together! On 18.07.2021 we will demonstrate united in the struggle for liberation, in defense of the democratic, feminist and ecological revolution in the Middle East and worldwide! We protest against the war of the fascist Turkish government, of Erdoğan and its support by the government of the Federal Republic of Germany. This threatens not only Rojava. The south of Kurdistan is also being attacked by Erdoğan and his German supporters. These attacks are not only directed against our Kurdish friends, but against the idea of a better world and thus ultimately against all of us. Let us therefore show our global solidarity with all liberation movements and struggles for the good life for all!

July 19, 2012 is considered the anniversary of one of the most important revolutions of the 21st century: the revolution of Rojava is a beacon of hope for other parts of Syria, the Middle East as a whole and ultimately the whole world. The people of the Democratic Federation of North-East Syria have not only succeeded in battling the barbarism of the so-called IS – their newly organized coexistence is a prospect for a more just, peaceful and free world.

In Rojava the society organizes itself according to the model of the democratic confederalism. Through communal self-administration and grassroots democratic organization, the peaceful, ecological and democratic coexistence of the region’s diverse people is taking shape. The driving force is the thousands of struggling women, organized in councils, cooperatives, self-defense units, academies, etc. in their unstoppable struggle for a free world.

On 18.07.2021 we will therefore start a powerful demonstration at 1 o’clock p.m. and move together to the Alaunpark to a revolutionary festival of possibilities. There we want to discuss with each other, exchange ideas, experience artistic contributions, dance and experience what a better world can be like.

We call all ecological, feminist, anti-colonial, anti-capitalist and libertarian forces to the streets! Let’s raise our voices, united in the struggle for liberation and create a livable future for all! Let’s stop the inhuman wars and the destruction of our world! With fire in our hearts, let’s defend the revolution – here and now, worldwide and forever!

Resistance is life!
Berxwedan Jîyan e!

UTA Women’s Initiative
JXK Dresden – Students Women from Kurdistan
Women Defend Rojava Dresden
Women Defend Rojava Berlin
Association of German-Kurdish Encounters e.V.
Kurdish Youth Dresden
Free Kurdish Community – Berlin e.V.
Rojava Solid Alliance Leipzig
Local Network Dresden of the Network of Resistance & Rebellion
Base Group Internationalism
Initiative for Peace in Kurdistan
Undogmatic Radical Antifa Dresden
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