Update: Online Festival! – But how?

The Internationalist Center is located in the building complex of the housing and cultural cooperative Zentralwerk. We actually wanted to hold the festival on this site. Due to the uncertain Corona situation, we had to make the decision to hold the festival online. Therefore we invite you to experience the Festival°2 with us in the online world of the Zentralwerk. For this we will use WorkAdventure together with you.

In addition to the various educational offerings, our festival should be a place to meet new people, to network, to simply get into conversation. But how is that supposed to work when everyone is at home behind their laptops, computers and smartphones and you can’t spontaneously meet at the bar or strike up a conversation in the exhibition?
For lectures, panels or workshops, we have all used many media in recent months, but getting to know each other usually came up short. That’s why we are organizing the Internationalism Festival°2 with WorkAdventure.

Using an avatar, you can experience the central plant in the style of an old computer game. So how do you close the networking gap? When you meet other avatars on the grounds, you can get to know each other. For this purpose, the camera and microphones can be unlocked and the conversation begins. For example, you can meet in the courtyard and start a random conversation or arrange to meet your friends for a drink at the virtual ECCE-Späti.

Unfortunately, due to the online format, we have to ask you to register. You can find out where and how here.

In any case, we are already looking forward to experiencing the WorkAdventure Festival with you! How this works in detail you get to know soon!

You can’t or don’t want to participate in the festival with WorkAdventure?

That is no problem. There will be the possibility to dial directly into the corresponding online rooms.