Demonstration in solidarity with the people in Ukraine and on the run

demonstration | 04.03. | 4pm | Jorge-Gomondai-Platz

War has been raging in Ukraine since last Thursday. There is new information every hour, almost every minute, but the situation remains unclear. Many people are currently trying to escape the war. Many people in Ukraine, who have actively resisted Russia’s increasing influence in recent years and who would face persecution in the event of annexation, are also fleeing. Self-organized aid structures are emerging, donation campaigns, volunteers are driving to borders to help people flee Ukraine.

But many have also made a conscious decision to stay or are not allowed to leave the country because they are of conscript age. They need solidarity structures, protection and financial support. Time is pressing and it is important to act!

The war in Ukraine means flight, injury, suffering and death. Cities, villages and livelihoods are being destroyed. Putin’s patriarchal, imperial fantasies are not worth the loss of even a single life!

War always leads to more nationalism and militarization. While Putin’s imperialist aggression kills people, European politicians debate about sanctions, Swift and rearmament to protect their own prosperity.

We do not want to take a stand for the side of any state. We stand in solidarity with the people suffering under the Russian regime, in Ukraine, Russia and elsewhere.

Stop the war in Ukraine.
Against the armament of Europe.
For freedom, self-determination and solidarity.
Let’s go to the streets!

Come to Jorge Gomondai Square in Dresden at 4 pm!
We will also collect donations for the support of solo structures at the demo.

Party flags are not welcome!

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