Anarchist May Day in Dresden 

1st May | 2 pm | Artesischer Brunnen Albertplatz

We gladly share the call of the AND (Anarchist Network Dresden) for May 1st and see you on the street!

May 1st is historically an important day of the workers‘ movement. 150 years ago people gave their lives to fight for an 8-hour day. Today many people can’t do much with this day. They work isolated and „flexible“ in precarious jobs, they exploit themselves or are exploited.

The past year has shown us once again that capitalism is an unjust system. The Corona pandemic has further exacerbated this injustice. The crisis makes many people poor. Especially people who have worked in precarious jobs before. People who have become unemployed and can no longer finance their living. People who have no official employment contracts and are exposed to arbitrariness.

On all those who nevertheless continue to work, the pressure is increased enormously to keep the economy going. In many industries, working conditions are miserable and pay is poor.  The law on working hours has been dissolved. Out of arguments to expand health workers possibilities 12 hours working days were introduced again officially.

So-called system-relevant workers in care, garbage collection or at the supermarket checkout received only empty words apart from initial applause. Large companies, on the other hand, received huge amounts of Corona aid and often still profit from the current situation. Economy and profits are more important than the people in our system.

And who will take over the care work when everyone is in the home office, when the Eastern European (elderly) caregivers have gone home, when the daycare centers, schools and care services are closed? The crisis once again reproduces gender-based role distributions and strengthens patriarchal relations of oppression.

May Day in its historical dimension is as relevant as ever. We demand the abolition of the capitalist system of exploitation.

We demand a just world in which all can participate according to their abilities and are supported in their needs.

We demand a world in which crises are not solved in an authoritarian way but in solidarity and community.

For this we have to unite our struggles.

For a feminist, climate justice and free society.