Everyone is mostly welcome to join!

Today (07/28) at 4.30pm we occupied the office of the party DIE LINKE (the so called Wir-AG) in Dresden Neustadt. Thus, we want to declare our solidarity to our comrades and friends in Thessaloniki, Greece. Yesterday at 27th of July 5 am the greek police evicted violently several solidarity projects by and for refugees. The police is directly subordinated to ministry of internal affairs, governd by current ruling SYRIZA-Party. In turn, SYRIZA and DIE LINKE are related to eachother.

Three Projects are directly affected by the evictions: The „Hurrya“, „Orfanotrofio“ and „Nikkis“. These spaces were appropriated jointly by and for refugees and activists from the antiauthoritan space and offered a new perspective especially for fleeing people. Concerning the catastrophic situation in Greece these spaces are crucial for instance to offer support structurs like the distribution of clothes or medicines. Even more they constitute space for political organization. It‘s the aim to grow joint political perspectives and struggles and particulary to increase opportunities for migrants to become visible and audible in public. Only a joint struggle can make Fortress Europe history and a decent life for all possible.

By now, Leftists and Refugee supporter are appalled in Social Media by the evictions. Especially those who actually expected an other policy by SYRIZA are disappointed. As a first reaction anarchists occupied the office of SYRIZA on Wednesday. They primarily demanding for immidiate release of detainees and for the return in the origin occupied houses. Yesterday, two demonstrations took place in Thessaloniki.

SYRIZA tried by press release to dissociate from the evictions. „We are opposed to police operation which leds into the evictions of the occupied houses in Thessaloniki. The criminalization of solidary initiatives is a practice which has nothing to do with the principles and the values of the Left.“ Considering their function as ruling party and therefore as commander of police, we can‘t take this statement seriously.

Deeds instead of words!

With our action we support the demands from our comrades and friends in Thessaloniki. SYRIZA is related to the german party DIE LINKE. Therefore we want to increase the pressure. DIE LINKE must use their contacts. We are aware that a single occupation not going to bring that up. For that we are request our comrades and friends in other cities to occupy as well to increase the pressure further.

Our demands:

1) No accomondation of the refugees from the projects in Hotspots and Camps

2) Provision of alternative objects free of cost / Return in the origin houses

3) Release of all detainees in the course of the evictions

4) SYRIZA must declare in public to waive further evictions

5) SYRIZA must bear the costs for any damage done.

Further we demand for:

1) The abolition of any camps and centralized accomondations

2) Decent and decentral accomondation for fleeing people

3) Stop of the criminalization of selforganized strucutres

4) Global freedom of movement – the right to stay and the right to leave