SOCIAL CENTERS FOR ALL! Events by Internationalist Center


The incidents after No Border Camp affected us deeply. The evictions of several self-organized solidarity-projects in Thessaloniki, Athens and Mytilini were a hard blow to the desire for a good life for all. However, our comrades still fighting on. But we as well will not give up! Therefore we want to discuss further about self-managed spaces and possibilities of common organization togehter with you. For this we are looking forward to two events on the topic of “Social Centers”.



25/08 5pm Rudolfstraße/Ottostraße: barbecue + solidarity-bar and lecture

03/09 6pm Streetfestival Rudolfstraße: Workshop

barbecue + solidarity-bar and lecture “For one, two, many social centers!”

25/08 5pm Rudolfstraße/Ottostraße

Currently, several initiatives for “social centers for all” arising in various cities in Germany. Often they occure in answer to the unacceptable or not even existing accomondations or advisory service for refugees.These initiaves engaging themselves for living spaces, meeting points and offering advices – above all they want: Spaces for those who needs it! We will relate the different efforts and underlying strategies which existing in germany and beyond when getting-togehter, having barbecue and solidarity-bar. We look forward to see you. Stuff for barbecue is mostly welcome.

Workshop “Social Center 4 all – do it yourself!”

03/09 6pm Rudolfstraßenfest

How to find the places, where we can discuss jointly how we want to live togehter? How they should appear and how we get them? Let’s find out togehter what kind of neighbourhood we want, what needs exists in our local enviroment, what characteristics should have “our” social center and how do we implement those? Your are mostly welcome to build castle in the air , which are open for everyone and where we can live how we dream of. Join, bring up your ideas and discuss them! We are lokking forward for an exciting and fruitful workshop!