Stop Deportation – Against Isolation

Demonstration 11th June – 3:30 pm Schloßplatz

Against isolation, deportation and the austerity of freedom – against the conference of the Interior Ministers

2017 – a year characterized by debates about security and isolation. When the Interior Ministers will meet in June in Dresden, they wil discuss the intensified practice of deportations, the rise of surveillance, the further austerity of freedom in the benefit of alleged security. It is clear: For a lot of refugees this means more restriction of their rights, threats of deportation, 80-cent jobs, less freedom of movement. The dealing with political minorities are conquered by the agenda of foreign politics: Therefore the Kurds are affected by prohibitions and arrests. More authorities for surveillance are getting used and inconvenient enemies are getting pursued.

Thereby the consequences don’t just affect Germany : While goods flow freely, people are drowning in the Meditterean sea or getting victimized by violent pushback-actions at the European borders. More austerity means more dead people. Deported refugees are in fear of one’s life in their countries of origin like Marocco, Afghanistan or Pakistan. „Failed states“ like Lybia, Egypth, where human rights are off worth, receive milions to arest refugees on their way to Europe,.

Therefore we will take the streets before the conference takes place from the 12th to the 14th of June. Against deportations, against isolation, against the austerity of our all’s freedom. We ask you to take the streets together with us and show that the human dignity can not be questioned by their origin or beliefs.