Registration to Internationalism Festival°2

In this text you will learn everything you need to know about registration. First of all: You have to register via email before the festival to get the links to the online rooms and to participate in the whole festival.

You can also do that during the whole weekend!

You do not need to register for the individual events. Unless it is a workshop with a limited number of participants, then you will find a note in the event descriptions.


Send us an email to anmeldung[ät] (PGP Key) from now on.
We don’t need any data from you, you don’t have to tell us your name etc.
We will send you the links shortly before the festival. Afterwards you can decide for yourself whether you want to participate in the events via WorkAdventure or directly via link in the online space (BigBlueButton, Jitsi etc.). Please indicate the need for translation in your email!

And how is that now with the registration for limited events?

As you can see in the program, there are some events with limited number of participants. If you want to go to these workshops, extra pre-registration is required. There are two different possibilities:

If the registration is done by the festival team, please write a mail with “registration: “event title” ” to: anmeldung[ät] Then we will send you a confirmation mail. This will also contain the access code to the event room. One request: If you have registered for an event but cannot make it, please cancel your registration so that your place can be given to someone else.

The other variant: The registration runs directly through the speakers. In this case you will find an email address in the description of the event, where you have to register and the further communication will be directly with the speakers.

You need a translation for an event?

If you wish a translation for single events, please send an email to anmeldung[ät] with the subject “Translation language XY”. We will then do our best to make this translation possible. We are not only interested in oral languages, but also in written interpretation and sign language. If you would like to support us and offer translations, please write to us at festival[ät]

You have other questions or comments about the registration?

If you have other questions or comments about the registration, please contact us directly at anmeldung[ät] and we will try to find a solution together!

We will keep you informed about all changes and news!