Invitation to meeting against deportations part 2

16.6 // 19 Uhr // AZ Conni // Rudolf-Leonhard Straße 39

During the last couple of weeks we have started the fight against the deportions of the refugees from Fritz Reuter Strasse 21. After our last meeting we made a citywalk and thought about further actions. You can read about what we did until now at our homepage

But the fight continues! One of the ideas that we have is to make an ongoing rally in front of the accomodation. We would like to discuss inputs to how we realize this, and any further ideas you may have. Hence we would ask all of you, to think about if you are ble to participate and take shifts during the on going rally, and any other suggestion you may have, to the fight against deportation.

We are looking forward to see a lot and hear all of your ideas.

In Solidarity

Ausser Kontrolle