Internationalism Festival°2 Warm Up Event “Refugee activism from a feminist perspective” with Women in Exile

lecture | 26.5. | 7pm | online

As a warm-up event for the Internationalism Festival N°2 we invite you to “Refugee Activism from a Feminist Perspective”.

Lecture with activists from Women in Exile in English with German interpretation.

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While migrating we expected to have freedom of choice to live in dignity, but contrary to our expectation we are facing dilemma. We are confronted with feeling not being accepted due to isolation and discrimination. In such a situation empowerment is very important and that is why Women In Exile was founded 2002 in Brandenburg.

Our main goal is to bring refugee policy demands to the public. We are coming from a Feminist perspective and we want to build a just society without exclusion and with equal rights for all people no matter where they come from and where they are going.

In this session we are going to talk about how refugee women navigate through the system in self organised groups with coordination of other networks, thereby making sure the choice of adapting to a culture and integration as well as retaining our own identities is happening based on free will – not as a compromise.