Hunger strike of Syrian activists


Shortly before the reunification festival in Dresden a hunger strike against the bombing of Aleppo and the war in Syria is taking place at Pragerstrasse. A group of „independent, young people from Syria“ tackles the „bloodshed in Syria, the bombings of civilians silent global publicity“. Furthermore the restrictive regulations for the reunification of families and the excruciating EU-Turkey-Deal should be mentioned. We support the demands of the activists, puplished their leaflet and want to point out:

The bridges which ought to be celebrated in Dresden are brigdes of arms export, of commodity export, other flat screen shit  and for the acceptance of dictators, monarchs, an other autocrats. There are in no case humane bridges allowing migration in dignity.

Do you think that’s too polemic?

Then we want to remeber to words of Thomas de Maizere, federal secractary of the interior anno 2014: He refused financial support for the Italian sea rescue program for refugees „Mare nostrum“. He said: „Mare nostrum was an emergancy relief and turned out to be a bridge to Europe.“ He praised the follow-up project „Triton“ which is led by the european border security agency FRONTEX. Mare nostrum saved the life of 150.000 people in distress at sea until its end. According to de Maizere Triton acts out as an „identity investigation“ and as a „returning policy“. Mare nostrum had a budget of 9.3 million Euros a month, while Triton is provided by only a third, 2.9 million Euros per month. Anmesty International and Pro Asyl had been opposed this strongly. Less people got rescued, less people reached Europe and less money had been spend for sea rescue. Is it cynism, or already contemption of humans when this mission is called „FRONTEX plus“ among the rulers’ class? It seems like Mister Secretary rather want to tear down bridges in case of serving people and not global trade and the exportation of arms. In 2016 his party fellow and prime minister of Saxony Stanislaw Tillich has taken over the patronage of the reunification festival with its slogan „Building bridges“ All the people which are critisising the grieviances of this society and its systematical exclusion and separation, are denounced as „any minorities“. For the purpose of the „extremism theory“ everything is thrown in a pot. Folkish-racist Pegida supporters, other nationalists, are put on the same level as antiracist initiatives and people, self-organisation of migrants and community initiatives, which are demanding the right to stay and opposing the oppressive (deportation-) policy of the CDU. We don’t hope that „the joy (…) will dominate“ and call you once again to bring your protest to the streets of Dresden.

Come to the demonstration on October 2nd and take part in the decentral actions on October 3rd: More information are provided here: