We are the groups Dresden postkolonial (Dresden postcolonial) and AusserKontrolle (Out of controll). Both groups are active in different political and cultural areas.

AusserKontrolle (Out of controll) is an antiauthoritorian / anarchist group and was formed in 2009 in order to help imprisoned people after protest against the NATO-summit in Strasbourg. Out of this an awareness for repression and the so called european security architecture grew. The group focused on state repression and the effect this has on social movements and organized lectures and discussions. For some years Out of Control became more active in the streets and participated in different mobilizations. Current discussions are about a criticism on and a new form for internationalism. Since September the group is part of the local federal structure critique’n’act joining the “Ums Ganze”-alliance, a libertarian communist network that is organized nation-wide and beyond.

Dresden Postkolonial is an open, interdisciplinary group, existing since march 2014. We are a coalation of political people, focused on antiracist and postcolonial educational work. Thereby we discuss the tracks of the colonial past and postcolonial present in Dresden. We deal with different perspectives of the postcolonial theories, focused on the discussions about (neo-)colonial power relations, which are based on the colonial history and still existing and influencing our all day life and our perception in different ways. Concretly we comment on places in Dresden, who are directly or indirectly expressions of the (post)colonial circumstances, to open new perspectives and suggest reflection.