From Dresden to Aleppo – our solidarity against their war!

Rally at Albertplatz 6pm

streikStatement by Internationalist Center about the hunger strike going on:

Today, people in different cities are taking the streets in order to show solidarity with the people affected by the war in Syria and in remembrance of the thousands of dead people in Aleppo. The alliance “Actions4Syria” is calling for actions via Facebook.

Some young people from Syria support the hunger strike of a young Syrian woman. They are protesting against the bombing of Aleppo and demand the immediate stop of combat operations. They want to call attention to the bombings and the war going on since 2011. Their protest is not only against the „bloodshed in Syria, the bombings of civilians and silent global publicity“. Furthermore the restrictive regulations for the reunification of families and the excruciating EU-Turkey-Deal should be mentioned.

Since five years different parties are rageing through Syria in order to enforce their interests. Russia, the Syrian dictator Assad, Daesh, the USA, Erdogan, Iran, the Hezbollah and a multitude of warlords. More than 470.000 people had been killed since the beginning of the war. At the same time we want to stress out the point the approach of the Assad regime which bombs out Syrian cities despite the world witnesses this actions. Meanwhile Russia is using the war as a laboratory to try out outlawed actions against civilians. Already a survey from the past year of Syrian refugees about their reasons to flee showed that 70% hold the course of action of the Gouverment by Bashar al-Assad responsible for their flight.

and where there is war, Germanys capital interest can’t be amiss:

“Especially the the G3-Rifle by the company Heckler & Koch can be seen in a multitude of film shots and photographs taken in the Syrian Civil War. Whence the particular rifles originate from and how they got into the crisis area is almost imposible to  clear up. Too many states in that region obtained from Germany the licence to recreate the rifle: Iran, which suooorts the Hisbollah. Saudi Arabia, which recently dropped a crate full of G3-Rifles over the Yemen to support their allies. Turkey, which adjoins to Syria and supposedly equipts enemys of Assad. In the last year Germeny itself send 8.000 G3-Rifles into the region: to kurdish Fighters in North Irak. They are supposed to fight the “Islamic State” with those Weapons.” (DIE ZEIT,DIE ZEIT Nr. 38/2015, 17. September 2015,

“Experts estimate that roughly half of the weapons which were send so far to the rebel militia in Syria found their way into the hands of Jihadists. There is a threat of similar occurences happening now.”
(German Foreign Policy, Raketen für den Jihad 29.09.2016,

German corporations are also involved in the production of chemical weapons and the distribution of so called Milan-Missiles. We have to take a closer look at a couple of the contratual partners:

Saudi Arabia – a wahhabitian monarchy, which shows barely any differences compared to the Islamic State. The law dictates the death penelty for homosexuality and for so called blasphemy, execution by stoning is the official penalty for so called adultery. Freedom of press and assembly factualy doesn’t exist. The sharia is the basis for law. Through Saudi Arabia the weapons get to Syria.

Turkey – a islamistic and autocrat regime, which conducts a brutal civil war against their own kurdish population and eliminates the political opposition of the own country. Turkey furthermore receives german military tank deliveries, which they use to invade Syria and to attack the direct democratic Project in Rojava (Westkurdistan). The german government repeatedly makes concessions for Erdogan to outsource camps for thentousands of refugees in front of the gate of the European Union. We are looking away while Kurdish people are being slaughtered and it’s prohibited to label the armenian genocide as such. Thank you Germany! Thank you Weapon Lobby!

Iran – is a shiitic-religious regime, which tramples human right under foot. Once in a while stands out through their antisemitism and their world-view, in which there’s no room for women rights. Iran is an ally of the dictator Assad. Through the “shiitic half moon” Iran-Syria-Lebanon (Hizbollah) weapons get into Lebanon and arrive at the Hizbollah, which is involved in the Syrian War and as such arrive in Syria.

North Irak – a corrupt autocraty under Masoud Barzani, whose focus is the persevation of his family clans power. He has none interesst whatsoever in strenghtening any progressive ambitions, like for example the democratic confederalism (the new political paradigm of the PKK, PYD, YPG, YPJ and the democratic forces in Syria) or the syrian-democratic opposition. His fortune and the autonomy of the Northern Kurdish Area is based in the oil industry. Barsani is an ally of Erdogan and an outpost for western interessts in this region.

Just try to visualise that the german capital creates a reason to flee for millions of people and at the same time denies those people on the gates of the European Union the entance and abandons them to their alleged destiny. Those who get into the EU are confronted by a more and more restrictive asylum-legislation (cue: family reunifictaion) and the rascist mob consisting out of PEGIDA and AfD. In most cases refugees have to wait for months in an asylum to be officially acknowledged so they can start german language courses, to lead an at least half way decent life. The isolationist policy and the capital interessts of Germany and EU are both two sides of the same coin.

We declare our solidarity with the the hunger-strikers!

Come today at 6pm to Albertplatz (Artesischer Brunnen). We will together with the activists from syria carry our solidarity onto the streets.

For the end of the arms deliveries!

Away with Assad! Away with autocrats and dictators in the Middle East and everywhere else! Away with Frontex and the EU!

Solidarity with the civilian population in Aleppo! Solidarity with the progressive and democratic forces in Syria!

…because the real bridges are created by us from below and from the left and not through the party-nationalists on the 3rd of october. For an alternative past country, nation, capital and patriachy!

Come with heaps of banners!