Feminist Demonstration 2016 – Leipzig

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Unite struggles – Overcome patriarchy

Feminist struggles against local and global relations of exploitation and oppression have always been fought all over the world.
Today we are also taking the streets against these conditions. And we aren’t only fighting for their abolishment, but also against their instrumentalization.

It pisses us off that feminist demands are being used to support racist argumentations.

It pisses us off that being safe is never a public topic, unless white cis-women are affected.

It pisses us off that people who experienced sexualized violence don’t getting solidarity and support. Instead, they are being told to change their behaviour, clothes and appearance.

That’s not the feminism we are fighting for. That’s no feminism at all.

We want a feminism that unites struggles.
A feminism that is anti-racist.
A feminism that is anti-capitalist.
A feminism that opposes domination and authority.
A feminism that fights for more than ‘equality’ and ‘the liberation of women’.
A feminism that fights for the liberation from sex and gender and against the violent enforcement of the gender binary.
A feminism that is queer and trans*.
A feminism that opposes every form of sexism.
A feminism that is self-critical.
A feminism that is more than what we can put on paper.
We want a feminism that is angry and continues to fight.

That’s why we are calling for a demonstration on the Feminist Fight Day on 12th March 2016. The organization is done, everything’s ready, now it’s up to you! So join us, be inventive, angry and loud. Bring your toys.

Demonstration, 12th March 2016 @ Otto-Runki-Platz (Leipzig), 2pm

Solidarity with all emancipatory struggles worldwide!
Towards the feminist revolution!

cis: label for people who identify with the gender they were assigned at birth (zumindest in den englischen kontexten, die ich kenne, wird in bezug auf das bei der geburt zugeschriebene geschlecht nur gender verwendet)
trans*: the ‘*’ behind trans* tries to highlight that there are many different trans* identities