Social Centers for all!

There will translations in german, english and arabic.

When: Sunday 10.1.2016 – 16:30

Where: Projekttheater Dresden, Louisenstr. 47

We already announced in our report of the delegationtrip to greece, that we would like to discuss the ideas of “social centers for all” in Dresden. We are glad to invite you to our open forum and would be happy, if many interested people joined the discussion.

Everyday, people risk their lives on their way to Europe. Almost entirely, they are being faced with a restrictive situation in terms of accomondation and living conditions. In cities, such as Leipzig, Frankfurt/Main and Dresden voices have been raised for self-administered spaces. In those spaces people should have the possibilty to organise themselves jointly and to form a solidary daily life. Different groups have merged to reclaim these spaces. What are their motivations and how is the situation in the respective cities?


*Social Center for all* (Leipzig)

*Gruppe Elixir* (Dresden)

soziales zentrum für alle