Delegation trip Greece [Eidomeni part II]

During the night of 30th to 31st of december we spontaneously drove to Eidomeni because we read on Twitter that circa 1.800 people were waiting at a petrol station near the border crossing. It wasn’t clear under which circumstances they had to wait there, if it was possible to stay in the busses or if they had to stand outside and unprotected on the street. The photos can give some impressions from last night. Because some of the bus drivers turned off the motors, these busses weren’t heated. At the petol station there was a bunch of logs so the refugees made campfires and had to wait next to those or at the petrol station. Médicins Sans Frontiéres ( ‘doctors without borders’), UNHCR, Praksis and ‘volunteers’ were there. However refugees complained again about the lack of support and help and that every single thing, however unimportant it is, costs money.

Furthermore we could interview a person from Afghanistan. Ahmed worked as a translator for the US-American military, got threatened by the Taliban after the ‘western’ troops left and after all had to flee. What he has to tell, we are going to report about in the next days.