Decleration for the solidarity party on 19th of March at Az Conni and a call for donations

We are sending our warmest regards to our friends and comrades of the Orfanotrofion squat, the Micoropolis social center and everyone who is fighting activly for the right for freedom of movement and for a life in dignity. You never walk alone!

All of us seen it. The “Balkan route” is blocked. The borders are closed. It’s a dramatic situation in Eidomeni. It’s a man-made catastrophe that was predictably. While we revel in wealth here, tens of thousands of humans are forced to wait in rain and mud. The treatement of refugees is inhumane – no doubts about this – and other words would be an understatement. But there are people that are solid against the racist policies of shielding and exclusion in a Europe of capital. With our solidarity party we would like to support collective projects that are working activly to overcome the Fortress Europe.

Specifcly we are collecting money for two structures with and for refugees. One is the migrant-refugee squat Orfanotrofio. A house that is occupied by refugee and anarchist / antiauthoritorian people. The other one is the kitchen collective of the social center Micropolis. [1] Both projects are located in Thessaloniki. We already wrote articles about the Orfanotrofio. [2;3] From the Micropolis collective we got a call for help some days ago. They prepare and bring food to the people waiting along the Macedonian-Greek border under horrible conditions for their chance to pass onward. For doing so money is needed. Money that rarely can be found in a Greece of austerity and social cuts. German-Europe has managed to create second class Euro-people. These second class Europeans should play the role of the overseers about completly disfranchised human beings. [4] We say it’s enough! We don’t want fences or borders! We don’t want partenalim by state, nation and capital! We want a solidary society without oppression and exploitation. We allready try to realize this throughout our practical and solidary actions in the here and now.

Come and join the lecture and party. Donate to the bank account you can find below or get in contact with us.

For the autonomousation of our lifes!
For the dignity of all humans!
For solidarity without limits!
Against the capital!
Against the state!

Internationalist Center Dresden

Our funding will end 0n April the 1st!
Bank account for donations:

Rote Hilfe Dresden
Betreff: Keine Grenzen
IBAN: DE72 3601 0043 0609 7604 34