The empty promise of “integration” Work and employment opportunities for asylum (Arbeitsgelegenheiten Asyl (AGH-Asyl))

Guy Louis Debord “Abolition du Travail Aliéné” / “Abolition of alienated labor” from 1963. A picture and a political campaign at the same time. Both where directed against wage labor so against the abstraction of a meaningful act or action into exploitable work – therefore abstract work.

Prior to the conference „Do it yourself – Concepts of grassroots organization, community organizing and autonomy“, the Internationalist Centre Dresden analyzises the new „job opportunities for asylum“ (80 cents jobs for refugees) and comes to the conclusion, that there is a necessity of a mutual organization of refugees and unemployed, to escape the exclusion of society resulted by the work fetishism.


„A twenty-first-century left must seek to combat the centrality of work to contemporary life. In the end, our choice is between glorifying work and the working class or abolishing them both. […] Yet the latter is the only true postcapitalist position.“

(Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams, extracts from Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work)


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Hunger strike of Syrian activists


Shortly before the reunification festival in Dresden a hunger strike against the bombing of Aleppo and the war in Syria is taking place at Pragerstrasse. A group of „independent, young people from Syria“ tackles the „bloodshed in Syria, the bombings of civilians silent global publicity“. Furthermore the restrictive regulations for the reunification of families and the excruciating EU-Turkey-Deal should be mentioned. We support the demands of the activists, puplished their leaflet and want to point out: Continue reading

Decleration for the solidarity party on 19th of March at Az Conni and a call for donations

We are sending our warmest regards to our friends and comrades of the Orfanotrofion squat, the Micoropolis social center and everyone who is fighting activly for the right for freedom of movement and for a life in dignity. You never walk alone!

All of us seen it. The “Balkan route” is blocked. The borders are closed. It’s a dramatic situation in Eidomeni. It’s a man-made catastrophe that was predictably. While we revel in wealth here, tens of thousands of humans are forced to wait in rain and mud. The treatement of refugees is inhumane – no doubts about this – and other words would be an understatement. But there are people that are solid against the racist policies of shielding and exclusion in a Europe of capital. With our solidarity party we would like to support collective projects that are working activly to overcome the Fortress Europe.

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For an “Internationalist Center” in Dresden

Times have become more and more uncertain! Currently we are experiencing a multiple crisis – ecological and social in nature – of the bourgeois-capitalist societies, which has led to a worldwide systematic crisis of capitalism and is related to the every day more obvious failure of parliamentary-representative democracy.

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