Call for solidarity – Germany finances, Erdogan bombs! – NOT WITH US!

Tuesday, 02.02.2021, the Turkish defense minister Hulusi Akar meets with the German defense minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer in Berlin. Turkey seeks international partnerships to get backing for its, as propagated in Turkey, next military offensive on Derik and the Shengal. Still long not healed, are the wounds the German Leopard 2 tanks in north-east Syria, the population living there inflicted. Also in 2021 Germany supports an obviously fascist state in word and deed.

We demand Germany to stop the dirty politics with Turkey. Whether inhuman “refugee deals”, the silencing in an obvious international law war of aggression in northeast Syria 2018/2019 or the actively disgusting support through weapons deliveries, which have claimed countless human victims in their missions in the Turkish wars in Nagorno-Karabakh??? and northeast Syria.

What can we do?

From now on you can write mass complaint emails with the request to refrain from supporting Turkey’s murderous policy. The addresses of the two Dresden CDU members of the Bundestag are: email hidden; JavaScript is required, email hidden; JavaScript is required.

In addition, we call to the office (An der Kreuzkirche 6, Dresden) on Tuesday, 02.02.2021, to pay a visit. Leave signs, banners or letters of complaint at the office so that people passing by also become aware of it. Take a picture of it and send it to email hidden; JavaScript is required. We want to post these on our social media accounts. Show the CDU what we think of Germany becoming complicit again.

We do not tolerate and support anywhere in this world wars against the civilian population and self-determination! Everyone should know this, starting with the CDU and AKP!

Together against fascism!

Hail to the international solidarity!

Berxwedan Jîyan e!

Women Defend Rojava Komitee Dresden
Initiative für Frieden in Kurdistan Dresden