Plan C talk about Rojava

by AusserKontrolle

We publish here a recording of our comrades from Plan C from UK. Together we are joining the Antiauthoritarian platform against capitalism Beyond Europe. As we, they had a information event about Rojava and the current situation in the Kurdisch regions of Turkey. Have fun while listening!

During the early days of the Syrian Revolution the Kurds in the north of the country (Rojava) freed themselves from dictator Bashar al-Assad’s control and declared their autonomy as three federated cantons. Despite being under attack from ISIS the Kurds began implementing a series of social changes focused on local democratic control (democratic confederalism), feminism, and ecology. Local policing, education, and the provision of public resources have also been re-organised in accordance with these principles. At the start of this year the large ISIS offensive against the city of Kobane was successfully defeated and the momentum shifted in favour of the Rojavan forces. With the support of international volunteers, some Syrian forces, and US airstrikes the space controlled by Rojavan forces has tripled. Whilst Turkey is hostile to the Rojavan experiment just across its border, it is currently unable to seriously hinder its progress due to Russian and American support. Instead, the Turkish state is currently attacking leftists and Kurdish communities within its own borders in a bid to stop the developments in Rojava spreading northwards.

We will bring together several speakers to discuss the historical origins, current developments, and, future challenges and opportunities that the situation in Rojava throws up. These speakers will come from a variety of perspective and we hope to have an honest, open, and comradely discussion about the situation and both the potentials and limits of the social struggle in motion in Rojava.