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Volunteer Lifeguards Arrested And Jailed in Lesbos, Greece for Helping Rescue Refugees at Sea – Court Date 10am Saturday January 16th . Please Be There!

The situation for Syrian, Iraqi and other refugees arriving in Lesbos
(Greece) from Turkey has been critical for many months, with inadequate
Greek Coastguard resources provided to deal with the numbers arriving,
and with the persistent danger of death by drowning or hypothermia for
the thousands making the crossing.

Many individuals and NGO’s have worked hard to fill this vacuum by
providing volunteer rescue services by boat or on land as the need occurs.

Despite it providing inadequate lifesaving services, the Greek
Coastguard arrested three volunteer Spanish lifeguards from PROEM-AID
and two volunteer lifeguards from Danish TEAM HUMANITY on 14^th January 2016, who will be put before a Judge on Saturday January 16^th , 2016 at 10 am for interrogation in Court in Lesbos. Their potential “punishments” could fines of up to € 600 each and up to four years in
prison each for helping save refugees’ lives…

This inhumane action by the Greek authorities and their own poor response to save  refugees’ lives contradicts the UNHCR Legal Brief on
International Law and Rescue at Sea.

Spanish Lifeguards’ Story
In English (translated)
In Spanish (original)

Danish Lifeguards’ Story

In Danish and English (original)

Petition Change org

Interview with the lifeguars from Spain:

Am 15.01.2016 um 14:46 schrieb Bich Ngoc Nguyen:

Hey guys it seems that Greek authorities are pursuing new strategies to
get rid off volunteers and activistst! Please read the accounts below.

Für alle, die nicht auf Telegram sind:
Griechenland will nun doch die Volunteers loswerden,..

Katrin Kaputt, [15.01.16 07:14]

Guys have you heard of the Spanish lifeguard team that got arrested on
lesvos? They’re like the Swedes but were actually saving people daily
for MONTHS. They’re accused of human trafficking apparently something to do with it has an illegal, unregistered radio / walkie-talkie that could be used to listen to coast guard and to get refugee emergency calls?! I’m afraid the masterplan of the authorities in greece  – to get rid of
volunteers by controlling, arresting, registering them – is about to be
put in practice… so please be extra careful while not moving one step
from our stance. You’re doing a great job! Fuck authorities…!

Mr. Pino, [15.01.16 14:30]

Urgent.People who recently squatted a house to cook in for refugees, are beingarrested right now. The cops raided the house around 9 o’clock
thismorning. They claim to be arresting everybody on the suspicion of
humantrafficing and smuggling drugs. The police threatened the people
with violence and rape. We din’t know the address but the house is
situated just next to camp Souda.The house was squatted by activists to
help refugees by cooking daily forthem. The owner gave them permission to use the house. Please go there andshow support if you are around. They will also need legal assistance(laywer) so if you are around and have contacts of trustworthy lawyers,please write the name of the lawyer something below.